DON’T join the gym, DON’T stop eating.

There is a better way to get fit, fight obesity and diabetes. Easy and Effortless!!!!

When I was young, I had the best childhood but I was ridiculed, made fun of and at times bullied for being obese.

This has driven my obsession with finding an efficient way to stay fit with a busy life, and still live life to the fullest.

Hi! My name is Tejvir singh and This is me below and here is my story…

I love food. I grew up in the family where food brought us together. Whether it was Diwali or Holi or fun outing with family or friends, food was part of it. Food gave me joy, especially my mothers food. With my friends it was going and eating butter chicken and nan. Food was the centre of everything that was good!!!

I went for my first gym session when I was 13 (and ate aloo tickee on my way back, got too hungry!!!) and now I am 33 still working at it. Getting healthy and fit does not have to take this long and surely does not have to be this hard for you.   I use my story and experiences to help people achieve their life goals through mindset, drive, fitness and nutrition.  This is me over a period of 20 years/

You may think I am special but I am probably a lot like you. I am a father of three , I work full time, I am over 30 (33 now!)

  • I have had back issues from sitting and working on my day job.
  • My life is not “perfect.” I have been through hardships, I have dealt with adversity, but most importantly I have overcome and accomplished MANY of my goals.
  • I have tried every weight loose/fitness programme out in the world and every technique possible known to man. Despite all of these efforts, I did not see sustainable results.

The point being I have made all the mistakes and you can learn from my mistakes rather than repeating my mistakes.

Most people say a daily workout or exercise is the way to stay fit but it is not.  Contrary to what everyone will tell you exercise is not the solution. It is only a small part of the resolution.

People spend years and years accumulating wealth but forget without good health the money is worth nothing. I believe the best investment is in my family and their health. Simple changes to your diet add up, and over time can truly make big difference to your quality of your life.

Simple change that you can truly make big difference to your quality of your life




ladduu is dedicated to making weight loss and getting fit easy

  • Do you ever find yourself wishing to loose the excess weight, gain energy, STOP the cravings! Do you wonder if it’s actually possible to loose and keep off the weight without loosing your Indian lifestyle?
  • Have you ever scratched your head wondering how people talk about getting fit, but no one you know seems to be getting any real results?

When Indians try to get back to being fit, they try to eat less and exercise more. They limit their intake of food. To successed they try to overcharge on Willpower. Unfortunately willpower is a finite resource and people crash and burn pretty fast.

I grew up in India and know Indian diet (and the temptations). Check out my story. I failed many, many MANNNY times trying to loose weight and now after years of failing I have the perfect plan for ladduus like me.

    • Laddu-01Eating is so emotional and social, and if it restricts our lifestyle then we don’t follow it. This programme and blog will teach you how to live the ladduu lifestyle. While there is an element of restriction it is not about deprivation.
    • There are so many different schools of thought about losing weight and it’s all too confusing. I want to share what I know now after trailing different approaches and the best way to approach long term effortless weight loss.
    • The problem is that most people don’t have a clear path from fat to fit. A way where they can still enjoy their lifestyle. This is where I come in. Being fit and keeping it off is who I am now and has turned into a passion rather than a struggle.Laddu-03

If you follow the right approach and strategies, the entire process of loosing weight and getting fit is not only enjoyable but extremely easy.

It’s all about YOU now!!!

  1. I know you can be next. I WANT you to be next. I make it SIMPLE for you. I did all of the thinking and testing on myself, , it is the programme that you need!
  2. I know how rewarding this could be for you. The difference it will make to your personal and professional life. Trust me there is no better feeling .
  3. I started just like you and I am pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get fit and still enjoy the life style you are living.

It is 10x easier than what you think it is.

  • What I want to tell you is that you are ready. Even if you don’t feel like you are. I can tell you for a fact. You are now more hungry to change than I was 10 years ago.Laddu-02
  • So whether or not you decide to join us on the ladduu challenge or not.
  • My only  request is to is that you just get the basics of the programme and start.
  • Get Moving and Start the ladduu lifestyle.
  • If you think working with me would help you even more. I would love to be part of that journey with you.

My mission is to reduce ladduu population of the world and It is about trying to create as much happiness for people by helping them get into shape.

  • My focus is to make it easier to follow for people like me or people from a similar background. 


  • Personalise it for the Indian diet and food which we are used to eating already.

  • I want to share my journey of discovering a way to be fit while still enjoying food.

  • The ladduu programme allows you to eat more of things that your already enjoy.

If this sounds interesting to you or you think seeing how I made it happen will be value to you, then just click the button below and enter your email address.



I have a lot more to share with youabout how weightloss and getting fit is easily achievable using the ladduu fighting fat programme, but I’d rather do so in the privacy of your inbox.

You can spend 20 years making all the mistakes that I have made or you can learn from my mistakes. Follow the program and tools, and you will feel great, free at last from non-sense, low fat, calorie counting way of living that leaves us hungry, sick and tired.

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