Welcome to the ladduu 30-Day Challenges

Words seriously cannot describe the excitement I’m feeling right now!

As we roll into this year, so many people are looking to drop fat, build muscle, and get steps closer to achieving their very own goal.

It could be YOUR time! Make this the year you fully commit to yourself and reach the results you deserve.

I’m even giving you a little extra incentive to work hard and give it your all this year!

So let’s move into the Challenge Details…

Unlimited access to the ladduu programme

Exclusive Feature On ladduu fighting fat facebook page, and weightlossgetfit.com and other social media sites.


All entries must be submitted with a “Before” photo with all measurements

The 2017 Challenges is completely easy to enter!

First, Register For the Challenge

Registration begins every month.

Once registered you will get

  1. Ongoing ‘unlimited’ support via wattsapp
  2. The Ebook  “how to turn your body into a fat burning machine”.
  3. Unlimited access to the video based course that provides step by step guide over 30 days
    1. including diet plan;
    2. and short and sharp 20 min exercise routines to amplify results.


Second, Work Hard & Build Your Best Body Ever

This challenge is designed to give you the kick you need to finally achieve your ideal body. Work hard for the full four weeks for your shot at winning the Grand Prize.


How does THAT sound?

Here’s your “kick”… Make this year that you achieve your own goal.

And by the way, I expect EVERYONE that reads this to enter!

I hope you’re as excited as I am… Good luck, and work hard!

Please see the link below to enter the Challenge and for further information:

To complete your entry for The Challenge click the button below.