What People Say About the Ladduu Programme

*Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed.

  • *Hi,I would like to thank Tejvir aka TJ aka ladduu and share my story:I took up the ladduu challenge and under TJ’s guidance realised what caused the storage of fat. (Carbs!). I immediately stopped eating carbs (being from an Indian background I needed help with this) except those that are found in vegetables. I even cut back on fruit which was the first time someone explained the amount of sugar I was taking in because of fruit. I kept my carbs at around the 50 g-100gms  a day. I did no exercise because of my back pain. TJ showed me how to use simple Google to find out how many carbs is in… I basically started counting carbs rather than calories.I am half my size in under 5 months. The weight loss was great but the other aspects were amazing too: My back stopped aching. I was still enjoying my “cheat day” once a week. Another major change was improvement in my cognition.Since going low carb is I have increased my fat intake. This was also a revelation for me. LOW CARB LOW CARB just does not work and eating good fat helped me increase my fat loss and lost my last few kilos by increasing my fat while cutting carbs.If you are struggling with health and/or weight issues I highly recommend TJ and the ladduu programme– it’s been 5 months for me now and I will never go back to eating grains and sugar again.

  • *I’m so glad I found your Facebook page and your web page, I’ve been searching for a diet that would suit me for 2-3 years, as I’m overweight and tried everything.So after I did the mental conditioning template, I got excited to give it a try and also to stick to it, which I did. The first week I felt a bit hungry and you explained I needed to eat more. I increased my protein and fat intake as I cut my carbs.Halfway into the second week I started seeing the difference in the 2 weeks I’ve lost alot of weight which I’m so happy about and that is why I intend to carry on and see if I can shift another three. I want to give you a big thanks.Regards,

  • *I never buy into diet programmes as they all seem more like fads and taking up a diet meant I had to give up the one thing I love that is eating good food.When TJ suggested the ladduu programme. It was too good to be true - No exercise ( I was sold on that) I can eat fat ( awesome! I can have my dal makhani) and involved no carbs (no roti, no rice- how will I eat Indian food without these two).I decided to take up the challenge focusing on what I could eat and thinking less about what I should not eat. I gave myself a week.The first week was not easy and day three I was feeling weak and drained out only to realize that I had to up my protein and water intake. At the end of week one, I was 3 kgs down. I felt great mentally as well as physically. It takes 21 days to change any habit so I decided to stick with this diet and see where it goes.It is week 16 and I have lost lots of kgs. The most important thing is it is a lifestyle change for me. I am now making healthy food choices. I am not starving myself or curbing my desire for good food but my mind is now programmed to unconsciously make healthier food choices for me. As Tejvir says" losing weight is more mental than physical'.I highly recommend ladduu programme to anyone who wants to live healthier and feel great both mentally and physically, you've everything to lose & nothing to gain with ladduu programme. So give it a try!

  • *I lost my alot of weight in less than four months and honestly have never been happier in my life... and I owe it all to ladduu.I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life since early childhood. I tried everything but failed as most diets made me very hungry. Tejvir taught me to eat more and exercise less. Conter to what everyone lese in the fitness industry will tell you. He told me that there is no magic pill but if I persisted I would see the results and I did.I had little to no confidence because I was picked on. I stayed at home, drank sodas, watched movies and ate fast food. This is no more the case. My goal is to continue to keep this weight off of me. I also want to help others and I want to show them they CAN!

  • *I am writing this for Tejvir, who is the founder of the Ladduu Programme for weight loss. Tons of information is available online about weight loss which talks about what to eat and what not to eat when you want to loose weight, the end result is that people follow the information for some days and then leave it basically just because there are so many SOCIAL reasons for not following it, and in turn the weight loss industry just keeps on becoming a multimillion dollar industry. But there are very less people who advise or teach you the real science, not just for weight loss but also to keep epidemic diseases like blood pressure and diabetes away, Ladduu Programme is one of those which teaches you the real science and you can enjoy the real food too.Low Carb diet is quite famous in the west especially because of its capability of not only in helping to reduce weight but also to get rid of diseases like Diabetes, PCOD or PCOS, Hormone Imbalance, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol etc., but we Indians just don’t know how to adapt to a low carb diet because since birth we are habituated of eating only high carb like roti, parathas, rice, potatoes, besan ( all types of fried food has besan), the Guajarati dokhlas, farsan all have besan, which is nothing but high carb. Laddu Programme teaches you how you can stay away from all the simple and refined carbohydrates or use them to a minimum level which not only helps in reducing weight but also helps in getting rid of so called epidemic diseases. I have adopted the Laddu lifestyle/Programme for about 1.5 months though I have  lost heaps though in 1.5 months despite my frequent sliding off the Programme because of so called SOCIAL reasons but this Programme has given me fantastic results. My sugar levels don’t spike up even after indulging in all the sweets and high carb food, my energy levels are high even after doing a 12-hour job , my monthly cycles are not affected which internet tries to scare you by saying that it does by avoiding carbs, my blood pressure is balanced and in control, I used to suffer from constant headaches and bloating that is completely gone. This is too much of benefits in such less time doctors also take 6 months after giving you medicines. The best part is that my body and stomach is become habituated to this style of eating and keeping my body nourished that whenever I skip my body just retaliates by giving me low energy and pathetically upset stomach. I also want to add that going on a low carb diet is not difficult for vegetarians because I am a so called vegetarian too as I love non veg but I cannot eat non veg due to my highly sensitive stomach. Key Features of the Laddu Programme, from an Indian who has been on it for only 1.5 months and is seeing great benefits when it comes to health and wellbeing:

    • Enjoy your sabji and dal without roti or rice but add ghee when you cook – end result will be lot of energy, no spike in sugar levels, you will not feel hungry you will cut down the calories that come from roti and rice. A blessing for people who are diabetic.
    • Sabji could be your dry sabji or gravies like palak panner cooked in ghee. End result your stomach will be full for a longer time and you will feel satisfied without sacrificing your taste buds.
    • Enjoy your dals as chillas or just cook your dal in ghee. Dal is also a great source of fiber and protein. Also you can try different types of chillas with different dals like yellow and red masoor dal chilla, green moong dal chilla. All the recipes are there on Laddu’s website.
    • Enjoy the coconut in all forms, eat coconut chutney or raw coconut. End result is that coconut is a great snack and has all the essential minerals.
    • Follow the high intensity exercises mentioned in the Laddu Programme in order to accelerate your results.
    • If you eat eggs like I do then please do eat it in any form, keeps you full for longer and a great source of protein
    • For women especially, initially I used to feel that going on Low Carb would affect my monthly cycles, but that is not the case. The kind of lifestyle eating suggested in this Programme helps you in cramp free and comfortable and on time menstrual cycle. Lot of information is available on Laddu’s website as to how this kind of eating has helped women to conceive who are suffering from PCOD or PCOS or even thyroid.
     The best part is he keeps in touch with you and keeps checking on you. Weight loss is not a test of will power it is just an emotional journey and if you have someone who you can buddy up with and get the right advice too what more do you need. Thank you Tejvir and I hope you touch many more lives and help them get rid of their problems. As I always feel obesity is not a problem in today’s world but it is the epidemic diseases which is effecting every one person out of two, and the reason is not high fat but high carb that we eat. Good Luck, Ladduu!


*Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed.